Top Ten Quotes of the Day|

10.  There are no failures in life.  Think of yourself as a scientist.  In science and in life there are only experiments that lead to breakthrough discoveries; I find this to be a much happier and more successful way to live.

9.   Your mind is a powerful tool & ally. Use it to your advantage and think thoughts that make you feel good.

8.  Thoughts are untrue.  If you just watch them in 30 seconds they will dissipate.  Make this a practice.

7.  Listening is a practice with great reward.

6.  It doesn’t matter how much you have to do; what matters is that you start; start from where you are now; just do it!

5.  When I look into your eyes I see myself looking back at me. We must realize we are all interconnected as one to lessen human suffering and work towards world peace.

4.  You have more strength than you will ever realize.

3.  Each one of us holds many universes within ourselves.

2.  As long as you’re breathing that’s all that really matters.

1.  All you have is this moment to live.  Live it in Awareness with no regrets.  Then let it go.  This is a much happier and more successful way to live.  If you miss a moment it’s okay, another one is already here!


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1 Response to Top Ten Quotes of the Day|

  1. Dewey Dirks says:

    I am pleased to meet you Cindi. Looked around your site a bit—-much that is good to be found here 🙂 Keep up the excellent work. Mitakuye oyasin to you. You have a very good day

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