Why Not Walk & Meditate?

Walk & Meditate is for the person who wants to incorporate the benefit of meditating with walking. Sitting still to clear your mind isn’t for everyone and isn’t the only way to meditate. You can still get the benefits of a regular meditation practice while you move.

To name a few improved health, lower blood pressure, improved digestion, better sleep, focus, improved listening and communication skills, presenting calm and approachable to your business contacts, and most importantly family and friends.

At the same time you are meditating you are outdoors and experiencing and enjoying a great walk at your own pace instead of exercising as a chore. Awarenessing the walk in a way that maybe you hadn’t before. Feeling the breeze against your skin. Hearing the sounds of nature around you. Seeing the footsteps along the path as you walk. Naming the trees that surround you. Is this the way you go for a walk now? Or do you view exercise as a chore?

I will teach you meditation techniques which you can choose to use anywhere, anytime, indoors or on the trail. Using a combination of mindfulness based stress reduction technique meditations with guided imagery and positive thoughts.

As you follow your breath and watch your thoughts you will learn that your negative automatic thoughts are untrue, learn to let go, learn to become non-judgmental, non-reactive, non-attached.

Cindi Silva, Communication Coach|


Practicing Mindfulness|

2 Responses to Why Not Walk & Meditate?

  1. aureliestar says:

    Beautiful! I am going to try this at lunch time today! xx

  2. Mike Evans says:

    yeah! nice reading man… it’s very helpful


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