Mindfulness in Cancer| Healing| & Transformation|


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life is up to you|

Posted on October 26, 2011
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Did you know there are over 7 billion google searches today using the key words “life is up to you|”  . . . as of right now 7,560,000,000 to be exact . . .  looks like “life| is|up| to| you|” is something people give a lot of thought to . . . to me that definitely warrants a poem:

Make today the happiest of days
Focus on the synchronicity|
Laugh| at the pratfalls|
Shake| it up
Turn it all around
Salvage| what you can
Make it count|
Practice kindness|
Don’t stop trying
Make a difference|
Keep ‘em guessing
Keep ‘em laughing|
Enjoy yourself
This is it| Life is up to you|

Copy and paste this link to read a poem| a breast cancer| survivor’s poem|


or scroll down the page to read: a breast cancer| poem|

Great happiness & peace to you! xo

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