My Life As Taffy

when all else fails
I find I look for metaphors
that can make me laugh
what I can always afford
even at my own expense

modern times dictate
this a necessary approach to life
laughter has been noted
for quite some time as
the best medicine

laugh-in’s fickled finger of fate
for those of you who know
Kate Hudson as Goldie Hawn’s daughter
has dictated for most of us
a fate of the life of taffy

being practical
a fan of unintentional exercise
and of course no longer having any money
due to a series of unfortunate circumstances
beyond my control

in part an unforgiving ex
a flatlined economy for the politically correct
and depression for the rest of us

I liken my life
akin to saltwater taffy
I sincerely hope your life
is free from this sticky life foregone conclusion

If you’re having a bad hair decade like me
this metaphor may also stick with you
long after my prose is gone

according to a website I found on google
saltwater taffy is a candy and an upper-body
workout all in one

which is what it takes to give taffy
its light but chewy quality
to qualify as taffy one must be
rigorouslly pulled and stretched
for at least 15 minutes

If you don’t like manual labor
then taffy is not for you
if you don’t like being pulled and pushed around
then taffy is definitely not for you

I would like to interject here
chewing taffy stimulates the economy
at least for dentists everywhere and
the insurance companies that regulate their paychecks

today I found out that the bill for $140.00
for recent medical services rendered
by a contracted doctor with my soon-to-be-gone
medical insurance 
would cost me the patient $140.00 if I were to cover said payment
yet if the insurance company would do their job
and cover payment; it would only cost the insurance company $28.36

(in case you’re wondering I figured out
how to get the insurance company to cover the costs)
You can become very resourceful and crafty when you find yourself poor
(Again, dear reader, I hope you never have to find this one out)

taffy acts as a tooth retractor
and often a filling remover
for those of you that can’t afford dental work 

I feel myself being pulled
stretched thin
and pulled some more
and now really being


right about now
every which way but loose
sorry former Mayor of Carmel

which is why I thought of taffy
a sticky chewy candy
somewhat like chewing gum then swallowing candy

unlike Razzles
first it’s a candy
then it’s a gum




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