How to Show Up In Internet Searches|

Some people call this Search Engine Optimization| SEO| it has to do with ranking| more with Alexa| ranking, using key words| tags| or what I like to call Tag Magic! and after you have time to think about this feel free to contact me . . .  here are some key concepts I have tested and found to be true . . .

If you’ve been following my blog you’ve seen that I am a scientist of sorts and love to experiment . . . I was talking to a friend in one of my walk & meditate meetups of my longtime experiment with what I call tag magic (how to show up in internet searches| and not just google searches|) and that’s when I found out there are some folks that are providing this service to businesses claiming to be experts dare I say it with less expertise than I have in this area.    This is what you need to know.

Everyone who has a business, service, book to sell, product or persona, wants to know “how to show up in google searches” .   There are different experts that can show you how to do this they call themselves experts at SEO Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Marketing| Internet Marketing| (how to get people to your website| or blog|) or I like to call it an expert at tag magic! — but it’s really all the same thing.

Until you really experiment with linking social media (I have a blog, facebook, twitter, linkedin, Youtube to name a few) you really can’t tell what is going to happen with adding social media.  I had some bumps and dips along the way — huge adds to my Alexa Ranking with Alexa you start with an extremely large number in the millions and want to work down to a very small number– what I find interesting is not all the self professed SEO experts even know about the importance of Alexa.  Alexa holds a wealth of statistical information and is key in ranking to my amazement and amusement not all the self professed SEO experts know about the importance of Alexa.

In order to show up in internet searches| and not just google searches| although this article is named “how to show up in google searches” because that is the biggest search engine and when I googled those “key words” I found that 663,000,000 other people used the same key words.  Which is what you want to do.

1.  Let’s start from the beginning:  install the free Alexa| tool bar| and Google| tool bar| so you can check the ranking of other web sites you will visit.

2.  Check to see if Alexa| is already crawling| your website or blog.   It probably “no rank” or 26 million but if you add it to crawl which is different from registering it & follow my suggestions in time you will watch your ranking decrease which is what you want.  Which means you have a higher ranking and will be found easier in searches|.

Just remember this:  In real estate it’s location, location location.  How to show up in internet searches its ranking, ranking, ranking.  And the way you do this is have Alexa crawl you;

3.  Also register your website| or blog with Google, Yahoo and I have a list of some other search engines that help you with ranking|;

4.  Internet ranking| equals internet dominance|.   Google works best if Key words used in the search are the same key words used in the item being searched:  Your name or service you provide with a link back to your website.  Or in the case of an article, key words in the search and key words in the title of the article being searched must match.

This same concept works whether you are a fundraiser, musician, poet, writer, sell a service, examples lawyer, doctor, videographer, artist, plumber, sandblasting contractor or whatever.

Also you no longer have to advertise in the yellow pages, sorry AT&T| there are many online telephone directories to advertise in — I know about those as well.

What is important when using tag magic — you must also tag the same key words in the body of the  article and then list the key words with tags| at the end of the article for best results.  This will give you much better results for showing up in searches.  However if you are not ranked your competitors may be found first! This is why being crawled by Alexa is very important!

You don’t have to wait you should be doing this now!  It would take little effort to add an abundance of key words and tags and short articles or paragraphs in your website.

I’ll use myself as an example, using my poems, articles, and key words, and Alexa crawling me, my Alexa ranking again dramatically has improved to 639,636, and now has even more dramatically improved by 412,000 since one month ago.  I can check with Alexa and links to my blog and see what key words and searches are linking back to me and where they are coming from.

I can’t stress this enough ranking is everything in being found in internet searches.  For Google the same key words must be used in the search as in the subject being search to be found.  Liberally apply key words| tags|

Everybody shows up in their own google search as #1 and dominates their own google search.  What really matters is can you show up in enough key word searches.  Do you consistently show up on page #1 of google searches.  Alexa will track for you a plethora of statistics, key words used, as well as help place you with ranking.

I have been working on inbound marketing techniques for over a year now and I have learned so much.  It really is tag magic!

If you are interested in finding out more about how to show up in google searches, how to use key words| tags| SEOs| finding the Alexa tool bar| for installation| and the Google tool bar| for installation| contact me.  I’d love to talk to you more about it.Here’s an article I wrote about alexa ranking which includes a free| download| alexa toolbar|:

(510) 712-7911


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