Mindfulness Through Video

I am very happy to announce my new Youtube channel Cindi Silva Teaches. I just posted a “How to Meditate” video. Please check it out. Thanks. I wish you peace.

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We are all interconnected as one! Michael Fishbach demonstrates this remarkably in his ability to show us how two species CAN communicate in Awareness.

I find the unspoken communication between Fishback and the whale truly powerful.   Fishbach is able to communicate to the whale through the use of his eyes, “We are here to help.”  But there is even more than that.  By standing in his field of awareness Fishbach was able to immediately assess the situation and figure out the best way to approach the whale. 

He used his open heart and mind and with the help of his friends saved the whale’s life.   After the whale was rescued, it certainly seems intentional to me that she stayed close to the boat to provide an hour long show of not only joy but also wanted to celebrate her freedom with her new friends. 

Great happiness & peace to you.  Please share this video with your friends & family. 

Cindi Silva

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