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Brand Loyalty| FM Kahren|

Hey Everyone, please click on the link below and let’s help our group member from Poets & Writers – Book Reviews on facebook and my good friend, Fm Kahren, raise his ranking and get more traffic to his phenomenal book … Continue reading

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best love poems|

best love poems|     love is stronger than midas love is brighter than the moon love is warmer than sunshine love sparkles like countless stars love is as brilliant as a hot summer’s night sky   love fills us … Continue reading

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freedom settlement|

Dedicated to everyone whoever went through or is going through a difficult separation . . . Freedom Does it even matter what was lost Does it even matter what went wrong Does it even matter I don’t care anymore Does … Continue reading

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life is up to you|

Good News and Bad News – The nature of life is impermanence. The good news is . . . . Life is impermanent. Nothing lasts forever – nothing good, nothing bad. The bad news is . . . life is … Continue reading

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W – Is For The Afflicted| Whiling away the time Wallowing in past mistakes Wishing for some magical place in time Wondering when it will happen and Why is it taking so long to get here Wanting more than what … Continue reading

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Moneyball baby7/22/12 Let’s go Oakland Cheering from the packed standsthe only time it’s been this crowdedsince the bay bridge seriesthe banjo man attending every gameof course was here, entertaining the stadiumI saw two tried and true Oakland fansbring their brooms … Continue reading

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moving on|

  moving on|     The world is yoursThe time is now Your joy is mineYour pain is mine “You don’t understand!”But I think I really do We are so differentWe are so much the same There is so much … Continue reading

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poems about love|

Love Is the most Special thing And it’s of course Not even a thing But a feeling You have That swells Like a wave And crests often Dissipates Sometimes When we’re Really lucky Love keeps Coming at us Like waves … Continue reading

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at the movies| Cindi Silva Poetry|

At The Movies Bill Murray’s Gonna be FDR I thought about how much You would want to See that movie with me I could see your enthusiasm In your smile as we talked about it Across your kitchen table I … Continue reading

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Patience| Love In Modern Times|

To hear my poem Patience| A Modern Day Love Poem| click here. tags: best| poetry| blogs| Cindi Silva| Cindy Silva| spoken word| soundcloud| sound clips| love| romance| love in modern times| Cindi Silva Poetry| mindfulness walks| poet| internet dating| facebook|

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