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If you donate a car to freecharitycars.org and say I was the user that referred you I get 2,000 points and you get an end of the year tax write off!

If you don’t have a car to donate; please log in and vote to help me win a car. If you register/create an account and vote for me and say I referred you you get an additional 10 points. Keep voting every day and you can transfer points to me and help

me win a car when a car comes up in my area. If you vote for others as well when a car is donated in their area you can also help them win a car. As you vote for others you win points. It’s a really amazing thing to do. I would really appreciate your help!! It would make a significant difference in my life to have a car.You can vote every day and transfer votes to me … don’t forget to vote for other folks … it feels good to help others and help others win cars … as donations of cars become donated to different areas they are distributed to the people who need help. Vote for everyone who could use help. You are also awarded with more votes to transfer to me or someone else if you think they need it more. 

Speaking of voting … to those that have asked … after you register first, if I remember right there is a red bar that says “Vote For Me” and after I click on it takes a little while for the vote to process. Once it has the message changes and it tells you your vote was made.

Again, thank you very much to all of you who have registered and are voting for myself and others so that we may be able to get a donated car as they become available. Also thank you for transferring your votes to me as you accumulate them.

Thanks! Much Love, Cindi

If you have a car to donate …
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