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It’s Just Buddhism All Over Again

There’s no time like the present
I was a child when I first heard this

Like the song says 
I was so much older then/I’m younger than that now

I remember thinking
it meant I should do whatever it is first
to get it over with
so I could get to the business of having fun
all that really mattered to me
laughing, playing, reading, learning

Now the present time is where I want to be
All the time

the golden age
I was a child when I first heard this

Pretty sure I read it in a textbook in elementary
Or junior high – synonym for middle school
I thought it had something to do with
The talkies or the movie industry; or
maybe the Wright brothers and their marvelous flying machines

Now the golden age is something I would like to reach enlightenment 

I gave my mom a plaque about 30 years ago
When she was my age now
with a picture of a willow
It hung in her hallway until she died
It said
I was an oak, now I’m a willow, I can bend

If I had a plaque with the same picture of a willow it would say
It’s just Buddhism All Over Again




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