my island| my love|

My Island, My Love

Calm warm rainbow-blue colored water
I want to indulge myself in all YOUR splendor
I admire your strength
As I stand alone along the shore
Like a lover
Longing for unrequited love
Seriously contemplating
Am I really an island unto myself
Squishy sand between my wriggling toes
I dig my heels and feel myself sink in
I feel your release
as you pull away from me
I wonder are you really teasing me
My knees begin to feel a little weak
I can feel the sun’s power beat down upon me
Needing you more now I feel myself drawn in
You and I are now one
How long will this last — does it ever really matter
Watching your waves come towards me
I ride you whenever I can
You are my Island of pleasure
My focus now is completely on YOU
I’m not sure if anyone else is around me
I can hear nothing but you
I stand there enthusiastically drinking you all in
I feel myself surrendering to your power
You feel so good
Against me
Wanting to take it further
Shall I swim deep into your cool water
I hold myself back
Knowing I might drown
Like a siren you call out to me
As I return and wait patiently on the beach
Still remembering how good you felt
Splashing and thrusting emphatically on my hot naked skin
Your sun now penetrates me so deeply
The warm breeze euphoria against my skin
Crashing waves along the shoreline
Taunting me as you try to lure me back in
Seagulls cry out to me
Asking “What are you waiting for?”
Wearing nothing but slathered  on sunscreen
As I lay atop my beach towel
I close my eyes and celebrate my own power
Like you, my strength surpasses me
You awake such passion within me
You are my Island, my Love
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