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Life is a miracle
Yours, mine, everyone’s
Every one deserves happiness
No one deserves suffering

Everyone you meet is your teacher
a child laughing
a homeless man on the subway
a single mother trying to make her children’s lives
a little easier and let them know how much they count
a carpenter, a doctor, a lawyer
a baker, a shop clerk, a grocery bagger
And you are their teacher as well

Even our enemies that wish to make our life hard
they may be our best teachers
With them we can see how far we have come in our practice of happiness 
when you know you are being attacked
take a step back
put your ego on hold
shift perspective
think about what you would like to walk away with that serves you well and allows you the least amount of harm (to you or anyone else)
then fight back with wisdom, strength and clear thinking

Not always an easy thing to do, but the more you encounter difficulties the more you are able to practice and become more effective

Don’t be hard on yourself
when you get mad at someone who is trying
to hurt you
don’t fight when you are feeling deep resentment and anger
they can only be successful harming you if you let them
don’t let them get in your head
only material things can be taken away from you by someone else
those are the things that don’t define you

Again, this is not always an easy thing to do, but the more you practice, the better at it you become

This I know from experience 







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