best love poems|

best love poems|

love is stronger than midas
love is brighter than the moon
love is warmer than sunshine
love sparkles like countless stars
love is as brilliant as a hot summer’s night sky
love fills us with hope and wonder
love makes us risk it all while standing tall
look for it until you find it
love is a gift from me to you
love is the greatest miracle of all
love is willing to listen
love knows when to concede
love is found in a returned smile
love is doing it without expectation
giving to simply give not giving to receive
love is  found in the simplest of gestures
love is found in a smile or seen in someone’s eyes
love is found in the beauty that surrounds you
love is glistening heat and passion
love is finding the sweet spot of surrender
sometimes seen as wishful lust
but when it’s love it’s so much more
love is heard in children’s laughter
love is in the lion’s protective roar
love is in the blooming flower
love is in the mother’s willing sacrifices
love is all this and so much more
Love is standing in soildarity
and catching each other as we fall
love is the greatest miracle of all
love is how we all got here
love is why we all stay
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