freedom settlement|

Dedicated to everyone whoever went through or is going through a difficult separation . . .


Does it even matter
what was lost

Does it even matter
what went wrong

Does it even matter
I don’t care anymore

Does it even matter
I’m not the same anymore

I am stronger
I stand taller
I understand what’s important

What have you learned
Let me go

Take my advice
Don’t be greedy
You have more to lose than I do
I’ve already lost material wealth

Thank you for all you taught me
I learned more from you the last four years
than I did while we were together

I am stronger
I am happier
I found peace

Sometimes freedom comes
at a high price
Sometimes you realize you
had it all along

You can’t ruin somebody’s life
unless they let you
why haven’t you figured that out

I probably should but I don’t hate you
In this settlement I received freedom
Share our toys and just play fair
Time to let it go

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