Moneyball baby

Let’s go Oakland

Cheering from the packed stands
the only time it’s been this crowded
since the bay bridge series
the banjo man attending every game
of course was here, entertaining the stadium
I saw two tried and true Oakland fans
bring their brooms with them
ready for the sweep
the AC Transit driver on the way to the stadium
excited to see our A’s shirts and caps
greeted us with
let’s hope they sweep
I wonder if he was still driving when he heard the news

Let’s go Oakland

Brandon Inge didn’t disappoint
with one dinger
Kurt Suzuki
gets his first home run of the season
endless possibilities

Let’s go Oakland

will the A’s sweep the Yankees
inning after inning
we sit at the edge of our seats

Let’s go Oakland

Seth Smith tying homer in the 9th
Coco Crisp singled home
the walk off run in the 12th inning
as Derek Norris crosses the plate
the stadium went wild
the fans started screaming
jumping, hugging, kissing
just like the New Year’s ball dropping
at Time Square

Oakland has swept the Yankees
Coco Crisp in an after game interview
said, The music after the game
the pie in the face versus the shaving cream
It’s always a better feeling to win than to lose
I guess that’s the thing that I
like the most right now
the poet likes this was the first time
in Oakland franchise history
the A’s have swept the Yankees at home
The last four game sweep of the Yankees
was in New York in 1972
the A’s have hit 52 dingers in 34 games since June 12
third most in the majors behind the Yankees (57)
and Pirates (56)

It doesn’t get better than this
Moneyball baby!




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