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At The Movies

Bill Murray’s Gonna be FDR

I thought about how much

You would want to

See that movie with me

I could see your enthusiasm

In your smile as we talked about it

Across your kitchen table

I could hear us making arrangements

Over the phone

To meet at the earliest show

On the first Friday morning

It is released

Only if I have the day off

And I don’t have anything else

I have to do

There’s nothing I’d rather do

I told you

I could even imagine driving

There and meeting you outside

While you were waiting in your car

Knitting or reading a magazine

Your huge smile as you realized I had

Just parked my car next to yours

Even could imagine sitting inside the theater

Next to you and holding your hand

Periodically, you smiling over at me

I would then kiss your cheek

and smell your perfume

I can feel you squeeze my hand

gently since your hands hurt

It’s all so vivid Mom

Yet it won’t ever happen

I miss you, Mom



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