what will it be like in the future|

what will it be like in the future|

It’s a new world. A new order. Our ancestors tried this so many times and without fail greed and hate always got in the way. My wife’s grandmother used to tell her when she was a little girl that war would one day be obsolete. That we would then be able to work together globally to cure disease and end human suffering. She said it was something that had never been tried before. There was a growing movement in 2011 called occupy. Pointing out the flaws that the government, a select few – 1% of the planet was eroding their rights. When occupy succeeded she said no one could believe it. They thought the blood shed was a high price to pay but it was worth it. Freedom at last. Hope had spread over the land. Finally, a new day. A fresh start.

History? Sure I’ll give you a micro version. . . they knew the atom bomb was a mistake. Germ warfare was a bigger mistake. We proved that war wasn’t about freedom it was about population control. My wife’s grandmother is our heart and soul. She is the voice of the American Revolutions.

Granny used to say that it happened so slowly, so gradually that they probably didn’t see it coming. She talked about the girl with the baboon heart, she talked about in vitro fertilization in its infancy. She told us about cyber prosthetics. She talked about an insane genius – I think his name was Disney. He had his head frozen, to keep his brain intact if ever there was a day when they could cure his disease and bring him back to life. Is there ever a cure for madness? I think there already may be. Just like with cancer, they held the cure back for hundreds of years. For reasons of crowd control and keeping the economy going.

In the 21st century there was a revolution. I understand our rights were slowly reversed. With the internet, freedom of speech, everything that favored humankind was taken back and control went to the government. Sardonically the government always had control. The people just didn’t know it.

Once it was known for certain that technology could make the perfect man, woman and child with cyber technology. It took about 100 more years to make them look like humans. Granny said every one laughed at a movie called the Stepford wives. They thought it was humorous, a black comedy. She said they should have been warned. It was an actual demonstration of what was ahead. It was decided that humankind would be obliterated off the face of the earth and then replaced with the new breed of Humanoids. The Mayan’s had warned everyone that in 2012 life as we knew it would end. Again, everyone thought it was a joke. Except of course the bible thumpers and crazies that followed the chicken little the sky is falling theories and doomsday wannabes.

The super race selected globally was sent to a space station to continue repoplulation efforts. They were kept safe away from threat of each other. Unfortunately most scientists are a little mad and they would try to control it all by themselves. The penalty for that, once it was recognized was of course death.

Evolution, blah blah blah, technological Darwinian, blah blah blah and now here we are. The remaining scientists are few and far between. We are now a planet of young, healthy, hard working droids programmed to do what we are supposed to do to keep the space station going for the scientists and their families. One thing they didn’t expect was there could be an occasional glitch in the system that wouldn’t be caught. Which is what happened to me and my band of what was considered idiots. Of course it wasn’t true, it was because we were nonconformists. All 100 were destroyed except for me, Joe and Sally. We programmed you to help us take back the planet. All the glitches will be worked out in time and we will figure out a way to succeed in destroying the scientist, our founding fathers of this disaster. Humans can never be trusted. They will always eat their young.

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