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How to get found online . . . .I have learned by a series of ongoing experiments with internet marketing and how to get found online that even if your blog has a place for you to insert tags like wordpress does, you may have better results in having your work appear in google searches with not using their area for tags and inserting your own tags.

Instead, try simply tagging:

1) The title of the work (today I wrote a poem Slim Pickins| tagged it and to my happiness and surprise it showed up under a google search for Slim Pickins.

Showing me that even though you may have better results showing up in searches if you are a website that has a high google and alexa ranking you don’t necessarily need those to show up in searches. You just need the exact words you want to show up in your search with a tag.

2) At the end of the poem, article, text write tags listing and tagging each key word you want to show up in the search;

tags: best| poetry| blogs| poems| Youtube| Cindi Silva| Cindy Silva| internet searches| how to get found online| 

In my mindfulness walks blog I used to think that the category column to the right was for categories that would show up in the searches and that the tags and categories combined gave me a better chance of showing up in google search engines.

tags: how to get found online| how to show up in internet searches| how to show up in google searches| internet marketing| best| blogs| Cindi Silva| Cindy Silva| Youtube| 



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