perfect storm|

The Perfect Storm

June 23, 2012



My Mom always told me

no matter what happens

to always remember one thing

“you come from good stock”

try as they might

no one can beat me

no one can break me

a legend beyond all means

filled with courage, fortitude and resolve

always lightning quick on my feet

Continually beating the odds


yet the black cloud that follows me

once only appearing over my head

is now sweeping the sky

the black cloud is growing darker

swirling like a tornado

and unsettling the calm of the sea

as I begin to ask

how did this happen

I’m in way over my head

I’m knee deep in excrement

on the bow of this ship

I feel the rats climbing over me

like lemurs they jump off the ship


the howling wind carries

Mom’s words from the grave

always remember you come from good stock

come hell or high water

I’m seeing it through


the rope is so tight

I’m waiting for — snap

it just broke

there’s no turning back now

feet planted firmly on the bow

plenty of room between

the bow and the stern of my ship


I reach for the jib now

bend my knees and hold on tight

remember not to let go

their’s more people counting

on me than I’ll ever know

looking out over the horizon

trying to take it all in

while looking for options

intending to win


I’m feeling so tired

beat up and battered around

from the unforgiving seas

I long for relief

turning over the helm

while I figure out how to navigate

this storm that I’m in

I’m not sure which way to turn

the first mate and crew are nowhere in sight


the options are closing in

fear keeps knocking louder

waiting for me to anwer

like Poe’s tell tale heart

I feel the powerful deep bass

rhythm resonating under my feet

and chills of creepy crawling fear

tries to  penetrate my skin


The sky looks so dark now

I can’t tell when it’s day

Yet I look for the light

the waves keep at it

building to a strong crescendo

survival comes with clear seeing

I know I can do it

come hell or high water I’ve got to win

I see the perfect storm now blowing in





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