penis| is not a dirty word| either|

Ode to the penis

although it’s true politicians seem obsessed with
and poke at the vagina much too much

A penis also plays a role in politics although
unlike the vagina a penis knows no partisanship

It isn’t only Democrat Presidents who have been
caught exposing themselves to public scrutiny
and embarrassing their families by way of a penis

Republicans have had their share of scandals too
they just flash their penis exposure to a minimum
yet when they do it explodes in the media

why when people are exasperated do
they tend to call men they don’t like
derivatives of penis names

why is there so much over-generalization
about a penis

does it seem that women think about a penis
much of the time too
he thinks with his; his must be too small;

One more thing if it weren’t for a penis
I wouldn’t be here writing this now




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