moths| kamikazes|

Moths and Kamikazes


The porch is dark

the moth is hovering

about the screen door

trying to find her way in

towards the large lamp

radiating intense light

in the center of the room



the moth is a kamikaze


on a suicide mission

focused on landing on

and meeting the light

only unlike the kamikaze


the moth has no idea



ready to leave freedom

into harm’s way

the moth continues to flit

looking for a way in

there are many openings

on the broken screen door

it won’t be much longer now



inside the house

with many lights on

a family gathers

there is effortless talking

and laughter

about today’s events

and plans for tomorrow



I wonder which is worse

to be a moth

and finally enter the bright room

only to land on the burning hot bulb

or be squished together

between a clap of two hands

without making it to see the light




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