I’m Not Rappaport|

I’m Not Rappaport

(for all of us)

They say the darkest hour is just before the dawn

It does look like that sometimes

Yet I’m not sure if it’s true

when you realize the sun always shines for us

My Mom always called me the Comeback Kid

maybe that’s why

They say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Kelly Clarkson wrote a song I don’t like much

about that

Sometimes it does break you

I’ve seen that happen to some friends I’ve known

Remember this

you always have a fighting chance

as long as you keep going

I’m always in your corner cheering you on

Last Man/Woman Standing

Isn’t that what you want to be

I know I do

I say the human condition is suffering

but the good news is life is impermanent

and because of impermanence

whatever it is won’t last very long

although it may not seem like it at the time

and although sometimes you wish it would last

when it’s favorable

but it won’t

we should make it a practice to enjoy each day

in spite of whatever else is going on that day

life is a miracle and happens anyway

might as well get your money’s worth

and enjoy it

there are no refunds

Even during the darkest times

look for the light and you will find it there

even if it is only a tiny spot of brightness

poking through an unforeboding cloudy sky

Peace can always be found

in the midst of the loudest noise

They say the darkest hour is before the dawn

Yet the sun always shines for us

Although it may sound a bit trite and cliche

It helps give us the strength we need to get through each day

Always keep in mind as long as you’re breathing that’s all that really matters . . .

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