ducks in a row|

Ducks In A Row

(for all women)


I always line my ducks in a row

with so much going on all the time

it’s the only way to keep track of your ducks . . .



somehow I fell asleep last night

my son wasn’t feeling well this

morning when he woke up

probably from the change of


triggers allergies and asthma

I skipped my morning shower

and minimized the usual routine

even still he was a few minutes late



the doctor was happy to see me

a trip to see your radiation


is just like visiting an old friend

only not

you catch up

spill your guts with all your medical


since you were there last



if it’s not a normal follow-up

you start to feel a little numb



especially when

your breast is fuller

and there is a thickening


there is a hardness

you are aware of your breast

it’s almost like a bruise

that’s how I described it

did I bump it

did I get injured playing catch

even still it shouldn’t have

a hardening should it?


ducks in a row

come here little ducks



she knew why I was there

we cut to the chase

she isn’t in the office much

this month

June 30th she’ll be leaving

the country

for 3-4 weeks

by then we’ll have this

figured out

and by that she meant

what is going on with my breast



lining ducks in a row

her words to ease my anticipated fear

which for now is general numbness



we assembled our new

cancer team

in the event this isn’t a “scare”

the oncologist from last time

who I didn’t care for anyway

and only saw twice

has now quit



in the beginning of the visit

we talked about insurance options

important after the divorce is final

she told me she took medi-cal

I should look into it to see

if I qualified

and proceeded to give me

the name and number

of her social worker



quack quack quack

more ducks in the row



her medical assistant

tried to see if I could get

in sooner for the

mammogram and ultrasound

which has now been ordered

after that if warranted

the next step will be

MRI and core biopsy



quack quack quack

another duck in the row



still feeling numb

while she tells me this


there is nothing I can do

but wait it out

and hope it is just the ongoing

fibrocystic breast disease

and not the dreaded other disease

as my doctor walks out the door

she smiles and says

make sure you keep your insurance



numb is so much better

than screaming on the inside

while smiling calmly

on the outside

numbness seems like


only for me it’s different

I’ve been practicing

meditation for years



I realize thoughts are powerful

and with practice it is possible

to redirect negative thoughts

to positive thoughts

and come out with neutral thoughts

I will be okay

whatever happens I will do

whatever it takes to be okay

I will remain calm

I have a beautiful life

filled with so much love

and joy



again I’m lining those ducks in a row

this time with my thoughts



looks easy right?

now for the dark thoughts

I am a single parent

with two children who need me

I have a lot going on

and I need my health

to continue lining ducks in a row

for myself and my children



All the little ducklings

line up in a row (stand up)

quack quack quack

and away they go

(hands & thumbs together with both hands)


Down to the big pond

Happy as can be (smile)

Quack, quack, quack

They are full of glee. (repeat)


see how simple it really is




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