writing letters|

The Letter


I practice enjoying

the ordinary

turn into extraordinary

does that make my life

microscopic I think not



Time travels so quickly

Sometimes I forget

the intricate details

of my own life



yet so far  I always

have time to

recognize the

lines of my face

smiling back at me

in the bathroom mirror

as I brush my hair



Do you owe me a letter

or do I owe you one

I asked you in the

blink of a text message

do you also enjoy the irony

of us texting about writing letters



I somehow enjoy

keeping up with the current

while personalizing on paper

it may seem quaint to someone else

but not to me

I used to seal letters with carefully

stamped melted sealing wax

a long long time ago



You texted me back

It’s my turn but you can write me a letter

then you winked and laughed

I like that about you

I saw you wink I heard you laugh

even though it was an electronic


your personality comes through



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