During my waking hours
I can focus on thoughts
that serve me well
decipher between what I can
and can’t control
find the positive in each day
a most creative endeavor

as my situation
is rapidly changing
day by day
somewhat deteriorating
at least for now
I promise to keep fighting
the most untenable opponent

I know I will comeback again
I haven’t figured out when
every other night the tremors
come creeping in
I want to stop it
this involuntary unsettling
starting as a tremor
in my subconscious mind

crescendos into a
unmistakable 8.0
earthquake of fear
encircling my bed
like a wreath of surreal heavy fog
resembling what might
be found in the most
frightening Stephen King novel

the only cure
is lost sleep
with the loss of sleep
the daytime hours
seem difficult to manage
as your mind plays tricks on you
when you’re exhausted
and makes mountains out of every mole hill
and feeds on problems inciting fear

even the slightest
whisper or deviation
(becomes a problem for the sleep deprived)
that cannot be seen by the naked eye
and must be placed under the
lens of a high powered microscope
becomes difficult to bear
living Joseph Heller’s Catch 22





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