can’t you read the sign|

Can’t You Read The Sign?he walked his bike
on BART| train #12
he was wearing a
brightly colored
short sleeve button down shirt
the one he must have worn to work
he was wearing shorts
that he probably changed into
after completing a hard day at work
and nearly knee high white socks
with what looked like keds

he started walking his bike|
to the spot where the seat had been
removed for bikes
and I know that is true
because the sign said
Bike Space
with a picture of a bike
outlined in BART| blue
while still stopped
the train operator
said “Bikes aren’t allowed
in the lead car”

he didn’t say anything
he obediently backed his bike
out the door
walked on the platform
and started to enter the rear
of the BART| car
this time the train operator
holding her microphone
came into the car
and said “You’re still in my lead car”

Again he obediently
backed up his bike
without saying a word
or making a rude face
and I imagine went to the
next car to try it again
sometimes life is like that
just keep repeating it
whatever it is
until you make a mistake
and finally get it right

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