intinerant workers|

Ode To The Itinerant Worker

(A Troubling Tale In Modern Times)


It is a punitive life for those that lack money

each day presents a continuing set of problems

trying to tread water in the midst of an ever increasing

under tow 


isn’t it punishment enough to struggle each day

wondering how you’re going make it through

to the next day


robbing Peter to pay Paul  

until you have completely maxed out all means

and even that no longer works


waiting until your body feels like it’s going to explode

before you can be seen by the doctor in the ER ward

hoping it won’t

and that you didn’t wait too late


how much pushing and pulling

prompting and prodding

provacation and problems

can one person take


before being stretched so thin

till they can’t take any more

lose hope, give up and snap

like a tightly pulled and then released






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