scream| – a poem|

There is a fine line between  . . .

examining insanity

and brilliance

because you can

or whether you should

weapons of mass destruction

nuclear power and anthrax

test tube babies

and life saving baboon hearts


and nature’s own


and reality . . . .

knowing when love

has run its course

or if it ever took place at all

war and peace . . .

when will peace exist

if there remains jealousy and hate

living a dream or living in a nightmare . . .

being so sleep deprived

you’re not sure if you’re actually awake

driving on the highway

looking into the rearview mirror

and noticing you’re barely awake

mirages far off in the distance

and pools of water that actually exist

flashing lights before the migraine hits

and flashing lights from a camera filling your eyes

broken glass in the gutter

and the broken wing of a bird once in flight

where to draw the line

and should the line be drawn

a swallowed scream in the eyes of someone already dead

and the sound of the scream planted in your mind

a frame that works itself loose from a painting after years of resting on a wall

flies and crashes on the floor next to you in your living room with no explanation

a request from Words With Friends

to start a game with a facebook  friend no longer living

Where do you really go after you’re gone

is Facebook’s cyberspace your final resting place

If you agree

scream once for me

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