insomnia| a poem|




As the dawn breaks

so does the restlessness in my soul


the dark thoughts

that disturbed my sleep

are now barely a memory

as the hope and promise

of another chance

loses the tight yet temporary

binding grip of

Night’s captivation



I’ll be okay

with unwavering hope

faith and confidence

in myself

my health

my hopes and dreams

until the sun sets

and I’m again reminded

of my own mortality



the unending and inevitable

suffering of humankind

the never ending need for love

unsatiable lust

and taming of the mind

as I can’t help some nights

to obsess and ruminate

my own insecurities

and the futility of humankind

as the moon casts and holds

its unwelcome spell over me



tossing back and forth

longing to catch whatever sleep I can

if only a few winks

and when I awake

each day the sun

like Groundhog Day

keeps bringing me another

futile chance

of change and hope

another chance to blindly see

the innocence of humankind





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