Memorial Day Poems|

A Colored Photo

(A Memorial Day Poem)




a few years ago

while visiting

a friend of mine

born in 1943

in Alabama

to a 16 year old girl

and a young soldier

fighting for his country



I saw hanging

on the wall

a black and white photo

of handsome soldiers

now ghosts from WWII

He pointed

at a soldier seated

in the third row

a handsome young

man in his early twenties

and said it was his father



until then I had never seen

soldiers of this ilk

because of wrong laws

of segregation

in the days when

it was okay to die for your country

but not to use the same




or sit at the same counter

and you could only sit

in the back of the bus

and so many other every day atrocities



I stared a little longer

thinking how could we have

a separate army

filled with soldiers

so brave


and strong

defend us

and protect us

when we weren’t

willing to do the same


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