what do dreams mean|

A Realization of Peace

Sometimes when I first wake up
I remember my dream so vividly

Like right now
a happy dream

(although maybe a little whacky)
humor shines through in dreams

filled with dream characters
friends solely for the purpose
of that dream alone

people I must have passed
by on the street or seen somewhere

faces I have logged into my subconsciousness
for my mind to randomly select later for a dream

I wake up like now
just smiling

it’s been a long time
since I’ve had a nightmare

I didn’t even realize that until just now
I wonder why that is

Does that mean both my inner and outer mind
are finally at peace and in accord

does that mean I’m finally able
to take life as it comes

the 5:00 am birds
outside my window

singing me a beautiful song
reminding me of the Tiki Room

my family is still asleep
this is my treasured time alone

I remember when I used to
dislike waking before the alarm

It’s a beautiful day
If you want it to be

Sending you all great JOY




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