love at first sight| a poem|

Love At First Sight
I fell in love with you
even before we met
A connection stronger than any other
my lifeline
You kept me in the dark
and made me wait
I know you felt the same
Still you kept me in the dark
How did you keep me from drowning
when I couldn’t stand it anymore
I came out kicking, pushing
a pat and that was it, I was screaming
I knew I’d make it
because you were waiting there
and in the end
our eyes locked
and I knew it was love at first sight
you were my first best friend
you taught me how to love
you believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself
you always had my back
I always smile when I think of you
I’m sorry for any misunderstandings
I hope you knew how much I loved you
the last few years I saw you fight back
with all your might
I wanted to give back what you gave to me
you said I gave you your life back once
I only wish I could have done it again
 Mom, thank you for everything
If only I could hug and kiss you one more time
and tell you how much I love you again
Mommy,  thank you for everything
Happy Mother’s Day
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