Ghost On The Wall|A Poem|

A Ghost On The Wall

A Ghost On The Wall




When I heard you had died

I felt so sad deep inside

You were so young

Three years younger than me


I went to your wall

to visit you one last time

and what I saw there

made me realize


I didn’t know you at all

and that it was too late

to reconnect

and get to know the beautiful

and sensitive man you had become


In your profile picture

You’re standing so straight

so tall

so brave

a hero working for

Homeland Security

Still very much alive

and so strong



There were 2 pictures of trucks

One a 1970 el camino

I think I remember

your dad driving something like that once

was it his?



A picture of your family crest

Made me remember seeing Aunt Mary and Uncle Peter

at their house when we were kids

running around their vast backyard

among the apricot trees

on the land where my grandpa

and his sister, your grandma, were born

You smiling your sparkling smile

and laughing while we waited for homemade vanilla ice cream

and always leaving with a homemade angel food cake

while others were still cooling on glass seven up bottles



A picture of a Portuguese flag

made me remember all the years

I went to Holy Ghost festivals and parades

when we were kids

I think I remember your family went too



A beautiful picture of your Dad

for a moment I thought I could hear him laughing

I remember how happy my Mom used to be

when he stopped by to visit her

on his lunchbreaks a long time ago

when he worked for the phone company

while our parents were once young

now like you

they are both gone



A picture of your Mom and you

when you were quite young

and how I remember you best

Your Mom with her gorgeous dimpled smile

and you looking into the camera

at your dad I suppose

you were so adorable



I read your heartfelt words and praise describing

the picture of your Dad

your tribute to him

and I thought I heard the disappointment

in your own voice

that maybe you hadn’t become everything you had wanted to

and I wished I could have told you

you already were10 times the man like he was

but it was already too late

and so I started writing you this poem



I read the comments you had written

on pictures posted on your wall by

one of our cousin’s who was going

through a box of our family pictures

and for the first time I saw a picture of Arthur

my cousin I think he was your great uncle

he was beautiful like you with a contagious smile

like your Dad’s



and I felt connected to you

my sweet cousin

and it made me miss you even more






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