cinco de mayo|

Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May
One day a year we pay tribute to Mexican-Americans
Commemorating the Battle of Puebla
Aka the Franco-Mexican War
For most of us it’s just an excuse
To take an hour long break from our busy day
Do you remember when we started
Celebrating Cinco de Mayo
Do you remember why we started
commemorating the Mexican Army’s 1862 victory over France
How many other battles are celebrated by the US
Whether or not the US has been involved
With parades, music and dance performances
street festivals and considered holidays by most
The United States celebrates Cinco de Mayo
Particularly in areas with significantly large Mexican-American populations
Or equally large populations of the politically correct
Media hyped and sparing no costs for what we perceive as Mexican traditions
Including but not limited to – parades, mariachi performances
And street festivals
Does this make up for our pure lack of respect
For Mexican-Americans and Mexican immigrants every other day of the year
And their children born as Americans
Without given the privileges of being an American
The list grows long, dear Reader, but I’ll spare you
Witch hunts packaged as laws
Substandard living and working conditions
Lack of equal employment opportunities
How many US tv shows have a predominantly Mexican-American cast
How many Mexican-Americans have shows?
George Lopez had two but both were cancelled
Bob the Builder was replaced with a step down to Handy Manny
Is Dora the Explorer still in production?
(There will be more dear Reader
As soon as I can think of some)
Much easier to proclaim one day of media hyped celebration each year
Than to treat our brothers and sisters as equal every day of the year
(I suppose if that ever were to happen
We will probably have a holiday for that as well)
There are other holidays I just don’t understand
Administrative Assistant’s Day formerly known as Secretary’s Day
If Admin Assistant’s want raises not roses
Wouldn’t Mexican-Americans want equality not fanfare
Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May
I hear it’s pretty much just another day in Mexico
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