Unrequited Love| In Modern Times|

Unrequited Love – In Modern Times



Meeting electronically at first

Chats lead to 

Phone calls



More phone calls

Yet intention is never spoken

There’s the rub

Presents exchanged

and then some

Miss Read caught up

in the excitement is

Surprisingly and naievely misled

more by herself in retrospect

than by him



The runners are at the

starting line

before the flag is dropped

she jumps the gun

then warily Miss Read

slows the process down

again she jumps the gun

she starts running the race

thinking he has already joined the race

she glances over and sees him lagging

far behind

aren’t his legs longer than hers

yes, of course

she thinks he must be catching up

but alas

he keeps getting farther

and farther




Miss Read confused

keeps running

and plays back cues

she must have misread

online dating is new to her

rules apparently 

are different than

those of her former

face-to-face dating world

rules aren’t something

she pays much attention to

she pauses, reassesses

continues to run 

towards the finish line

knowing she has left him




As she crosses the finish line


At first she is mad

at herself

then forgives herself

for the confusion

of the virtual world

versus the real world

isn’t this just

love in modern times

she remembers telling him

in the first conversation

she thought he seemed different

she had never done this before

ha! she laughs to herself

she was so often hit on

she quickly ended it

before it ever started

time and time again



At some point he realizes what’s happening

he’s done this before

he’s seen this beforenot wanting to hurt her 

He resorts to

Laconic words

Possibly hoping she’ll get a clue

Often misunderstood by her at first

Terse statements

Still Miss Read by her

How dense is she

he asks himself

It takes awhile for it to sink in

and when she does get it

she laughs to herself

it was over before anything ever started

nothing really happened at all

it was only her misperception

she knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere

because of the distance

yet for some reason she did like the idea

but now tipping her hand

maybe not a good idea

it’s now over


although she’s pretty sure

something almost did happen

or did it

When it’s virtual

how can you really know

what did happen 

she replays it backwards

He gives her space

His actions at first

are curt

Speak more loudly

Silence, still

— although abrupt —

Speaks the loudest




slowly fades away

just as the words

disappear from 

an often worn and washed 

favorite sweatshirt



With more washings

sleeves begin to tear

like a scarred and bleeding heart

stories although true

all begin to unravel

when built upon

lies of misperception

She lets her romantic mind wander

She thinks it will make a great poem

one day and hopefully it does



Next the ends of the sleeves 

begin to fray

As the sweatshirt starts to unravel

Stains remain on the sleeve

where the bleeding heart 

was recently worn

The laundered sweatshirt 

is assessed for damage

the picture remains

of a boardwalk

wanting to be walked on

like Miss Read feels she already was


the stains on the sleeve

from the bleeding heart remain

along with memories

lost dreams

wanting to be shared

 angry at her naievete

disappointed at the outcome

still she will not try not to replay

the broken record of faith in love

a romantic never gives up on love

lifts the needle off the 78 record

playing on the Victrola

beginning to show signs of wear itself

like her torn and jagged heart

chalk it up to unrequited love


easier to find out now

Miss Read lies to herself

as she raises the drawbridge

90 degrees

leading to her imaginary castle

Releases more crocodiles,

pirranhas, and sharks

in the murky waters

to live in the moat

surrounding her imaginary castle


Creating still  more obstacles

Miss Read

Returns the steel sheath 

to protect her heart

Knowing the time will come again

To remove all obstacles

and give love another chance


And when it is over

she laughs and tells

herself still it is good to know

that she does have a heart

she forgives herself

for playing disney princess

she’s a romantic poet after all 

she realizes probably more often than not

online dating remains online

another case of unrequited love

in modern times








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tags:  cindi silva| cindy silva| poet| poetry| poems| best poem blog| best haiku blog| synergy| love| love and dating| modern times| 

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