Patience II – Love in Modern Times|

Patience — Part II



I couldn’t believe my eyes

When I found the letters

Robert Browning

And Elizabeth Barrett

Wrote to each other

Were finally available

On Valentine’s Day 2012

For the world to witness

Quite possibly the most romantic

love story ever told


The second I found out

I couldn’t wait to tell you

Subtly or not so subtly

on my facebook wall

Although you must have known

The posting was there for your eyes only

this continuation of my Patience poem

Began to unfold


I wonder how Elizabeth Barrett

Really felt when first approached by

A man she must have been

Quite taken with —

His stature as a writer —

His confidence telling her up front

He was quite taken with —

her stature as a writer —

and with the very essence of her heart and soul


Was she a little frightened at first

The way that I was

When you first approached me

Did she try to get in her own way

The way that I tried to get in mine

Did she second-guess herself

The way that I started to second-guess myself

Or did she trust her own intuition

The way I am now ready to trust mine


Did Elizabeth Barrett

Hear her telling herself

That it was crazy

To respond to him

Because of the distance between them

there were so many other obstacles for them to overcome as well

Was Elizabeth Barrett surprised

To find herself picking up the quill

Dipping it in the inkwell

And responding to Robert anyway

The way I feel now

As I write you this poem


Will the letters reveal

Whether Elizabeth told Robert

That she was feeling very wary

The way that I told you I was feeling

Not so long ago

(although it does seem like ages now)

As I was placing an extra layer

Of protection surrounding my heart

(Although I now realize my heart was amply padded & protected)


I wonder when Elizabeth first started

Writing Sonnets from the Portuguese for Robert

Could it have been immediately

Like I starting writing poems for you

I was taken with you

the first time I heard your voice

The special voice that I now

know you reserve for me

The tonality of your voice

Is simply music to my ears


The words that you use

Are so powerfully honest

Kind, caring and seductive

They have melted all wariness

Disguised as icecaps covering the moat

The first line of defense protecting my heart

And lowered the once stuck drawbridge

I had used as a convenient yet onerous barrier

And second line of defense to my heart

Like Dorothy found the tin woodsman

Stuck frozen in place

You found the drawbridge to my heart

Frozen in place, stuck, raised high in the air


This writing reveals to you

I no longer feel the need to build

Inner or outer barricades

To keep me away from you

How could I really think

I wore my heart on my sleeve

When I had it wrapped in a tight steel sheath

Protecting myself from future pain

I wonder if you have found the key

To unlock the heavy

rust and moss covered front door to my castle

A metaphor for the last barrier

to enter my heart and soul

the very essence of me


Your patience has given me

the space I needed to overcome

and free myself of the ghosts of my past

I hear my little horse ring its bells

Crunching through the snow

To get to your neck of the woods

This moonlit, starry night

So many miles away

And I find myself relieved

That I am no longer afraid

And I find myself relieved

That I am no longer afraid








tags: cindi silva| cindy silva| poet| poetry| best poetry blog| best haiku blog| love| love and dating| romance| modern times| 

tags:  cindi silva| cindy silva| poet| poetry| poems| best poem blog| best haiku blog| synergy| love| love and dating| modern times| 

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