The Muse|

Impalpable words

Indeterminate or terse

Poem’s infrastructure

❤ ❤ ❤

The Muse

Sometimes on the verge of change

Planning, thinking, wishing away

The precious hours

I should be sleeping

Rolling around the details

In my mind’s eye

Words that struck a chord

Still resonating loudly

Building to a crescendo

Am I the conductor

or the orchestra?

Maybe I’m the choir

Alternating between all three

Eenie, meenie, minie, moe

At times like you I exorcise demons

Humankind shares in common

Mostly I’m stating the obvious

Celebrating the ordinary

Some call me love muse

Connecting  you with your senses

You THINK I arouse your passion


It was yours all along

Occasionally I’m interrupted

By my mind’s eye

Struggling to see the clue I may have missed

Often reflecting on one of life’s mysteries

Words sometimes keep me awake

Struggling to move me to the keyboard

Give us our voice

Let us be heard

Sometimes I resist

Lay on my back

Follow the breath

And return to sleep

Other times

The poem is mightier than I

I turn on the light

And watch the words escape to the keyboard

The sunlight writes are tempered

With daytime sensibilities

The moonlight wakes my feeling mind

Stars so bright invite me to taste the endless possibilities

The love muse happily spins her prose

Bravely removing barriers

Shields of wariness

Reverse engineering the nonsensical

I invite you all in

Watching my words take me

On the adventure of a lifetime

Already exceeding my once expectations

Of where I thought I’d ever go

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