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Hey Everyone,


I would like to invite you to join my a new group I’ve organized on Facebook – Poets & Writers – Book Reviews



Here’s what the group is about:

“This group is open to Poets & Writers who want to connect with their Readers and promote their books. If you are the author of a book or chapbook that you would like readers to hear about this is your platform! Post your book’s name, a brief description about your book, and a link where the reader can find your book. If you’re a small press publisher who would like to connect with Poets, Writers & Readers this group is also for you! An opportunity for Small Press Publishers, Poets & Writers to help readers find the great books & chapbooks that are already available to them but they may not already know about. I am reviewing and promoting books on my Youtube channel as well. Let’s help each other connect with readers! If you would like to contact me directly send me an e-mail to: 4poetsandwriters@gmail.com”

Hope to see you soon!



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