Now on Facebook|

Now On Facebook



Ladies & Gentlemen

Now on Facebook

Invite your friends!


Playground for

Social experiments

Extroverts and introverts

Create a persona

or take Mom’s timeless advice —

Just be yourself

Social media

Networking for business or pleasure

Free internet marketing

Launching writing careers

Social psychology

Looking for love

accidentally or on purpose

no time for a relationship

cyber boyfriends and girlfriends

virtual sex


Anything you agree with

click like

anyone that looks interesting


anything that looks objectionable


Any friend offends you




don’t you wish

it was always that easy


Lurkers pride themselves

spending an inordinate

amount of time

without being seen

looking at friend’s posts

hiding in the tall grasses

they don’t leave any tracks


Negative Neds and Noras

condemners taking it too far

they pass judgment openly

their comments often snarky

far exceeding good natured sarcasm

their friends’ posts

cut to the quick


Ordinarily ordinaries

living microscopic lives

Dreamers and thinkers

living larger than life

Posts of Today’s Special

figuratively and literally

Snarky friends post status updates

“Who cares if you eat a tunafish sandwich —

Why do people post that!”

Thick skin is best


Do you care what people think

when you comment

often going back and deleting

Do you refrain from status updates

Visiting friends and commenting

Do you reserve status updates

for non-personal significant things to say

Do you feel there is a limit

to how many successive posts aren’t excessive


Social acitivists

Writers and other artists






Time Clock Punchers

Worldwide friends —

(virtual now

will you ever meet face to face)



Beware of trolls

Look for nymphs

endless possibilities

Now on Facebook!



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