the power of social media| make a donation to cancer awareness|

Social media and blogging open up the world to endless possibilities and help us understand the true meaning of interconnectedness.

I’ve been posting blogs about my friends in Ghana – Ad-Cancer Awareness, a team of medical professionals who are saving lives by bringing Awareness, prevention, screening and education to our brothers and sisters in Ghana.  I have been pleading for help in the form of financial contributions and connecting with organizations that may have grants or otherwise help sponsor and work together with Andrew Donkor and Ad-Cancer Awareness bringing more cancer Awareness to the communities of Ghana.

My expertise with my own wordpress account is lacking.  I don’t always see comments right away.  I believe this is mainly because I have not figured out the ins and outs of account management.  When I approve comments they also do not always appear on the posting.  Again, I’m pretty sure this is my own fault.

The power of social media|

make a donation to cancer awareness|

I am ecstatic today to know that my campaigning for my friends in Ghana is being seen and  heard!  I heard from a woman who used to live in Ghana and now works for the American Cancer Society.  Someone she knows saw my posting on the More Birthdays wall and forwarded it to her.

I am grateful that she has reached out to me and my friends in Ghana.   I am also grateful to the person that forwarded my posting to her!!  I look forward to connecting and learning more.

In case anyone wants to make a donation to make sure vital Ad-Cancer Awareness, prevention, screening and education is reached to all of our brothers and sisters in Ghana here’s where you can make your donation:

Dear friends,
Any donation to help reachout to the reachable with the message of cancer and free medical screening would be appreciated. Ghana is not listed on paypal but please don’t let this DISCOURAGE you from helping us. You can please send your donations through any of the following banks.
1. Deutsche Bank AG Germany. Address: 60262 Eschborn Frankfurt, Germany.
2.Deutsche Bank Trust Company, Americas. Address: 130 Liberty St. New York, NY 10006, USA.
3. Bumiputra Commerce Bank Berhad. Address: 14 Cavendish London,WIG 9HA.
4.Ghana International Bank Plc. Address: 69 Cheapside P.O. Box 77. London EC2P2BB, UK.

Account Name: AD-Cancer Awareness
Account Number: 00015/01/002189/00
Country: Ghana
Fax:233 (0)302 238 228
Address:International Commercial Bank Limited.Private Mail Bag No. 16, Accra-North
Phone Contact:233 (0)302 687 147

AD-Cancer Awareness………Together We Survive

ICB – Welcome to International Commercial Bank Limited, Ghana

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