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Hey Everyone,I hope 2012 is starting off great for you and your family!I’m writing to you today to get any ideas that you may have to help my friend Andrew Donkor in Ghana. He is a radiotherapist that has started an Ad-Awareness Campaign. He is also a Christian. He and a team of dedicated medical professionals have been visiting churches and secondary schools (equivalent to high schools) to raise cancer Awareness throughout Ghana.

Every day the people they see have very advanced cancer like the picture I have attached. Unfortunately they are unable to help them because of the advanced stage the cancer presents. This morning Andrew and I were chatting. He said that he was about ready to give up because society is not interested in awareness but only in treating cancer. Of course this broke my heart! Since I am alive today because of the very effective cancer Awareness campaign that has been going on in the USA for decades! We are now beginning to see a drastic impact on the fight against cancer.

I would appreciate if you could share the link I am about to give you on your page. I would also really appreciate if you could ask anyone you can think of that works in the fight against cancer if they can think of anyway I can help my friend get donations. Maybe they know of non-profit organizations that are interested in helping our brothers and sisters in Africa? Maybe they know of organizations that are looking to partner with or otherwise donate to organizations in the fight against cancer.

This morning when my friend Andrew and I were chatting he told me was very discouraged and about ready to give up. That society doesn’t seem interested in raising Awareness only in treating cancer. The work he is doing is too important for that to happen. Through prevention, screening and early detection I know he will be able to save lives. We already have proven it in the USA.

I appreciate any thing you can do to help Andrew and my friends in Ghana at the Ad-Cancer Awareness Campaign.




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