One of the many gifts a poet/writer experiences is feedback on what you wrote. What makes you write what you write. I love questions like this! It gives me a chance to reflect on my own writing and also know that what I’m writing is making people think! That is such a gift!!

I posted “New Year’s Eve Countdown — A Poem” a couple of days ago. I wanted to share with you a “conversation” I had with Anonymous.

Q. …”Your poem is good. Joyful at times but sad at others. It’s very honest and reminiscent of the hardships you faced last year. I’m kind of puzzled as to why you’d share such deep personal situations in your life. As I said, it’s a good poem!”
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The 4th one made me very sad- I’m sorry…
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A. In answer to your question, “why do I share such deep personal situations in my life” it’s a writer thing I guess. I get material from my own life experiences or what I watch other people going through and then write about what I see. Sometimes true sometimes fiction with personal experience sprinkled in. A poet never reveals the truth is what many poets feel. If asked, I will reveal. This poem is a reflection of my life.

This poem was also meant to demonstrate that life is impermanent, which from my own personal experience is a great thing — you could say once you realize that whatever “it is” once you can accept “it” and let “it” go is a great thing.

I think the truth that life is impermanent and the sooner that you accept this and learn to let go you will have less struggles and be much happier is something that can be very difficult for people to understand and accept — the yin/yang of life…and I feel one of the reasons many people struggle with the holidays.

I often try to incorporate subliminal Mindfulness messages in my writing. We are all interconnected as one; we have more in common that we care to (or might) realize, life is impermanent — practice accepting this and letting go will lead you to a path of happiness are a recurrent theme in much of my writing. Thanks for your comments. I very much enjoyed your feedback. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Peace ♥♥♥

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