New Year’s Eve Countdown| A Poem|

New Year’s Eve Countdown — A Poem

years of Playing Monopoly as a child with my cousins — laughter and plenty of snacks while waiting for Midnight
9 –
l can still hear my Mom laughing as we laugh and greedily try to sneak into the kitchen
8 –
Remembering as a child hearing my Mom say to me, “Your Grama always told me whatever you do on New Year’s Day you’ll do for the rest of the year”
In my innocence I thought she was serious
as I methodically planned and tried to make the day COUNT!
7 –
Years later and still a night for favorite music and laughter
6 –
celebrating victories
5 –
and letting go of the past
4 –
On this night remembering casualties no longer able to countdown with me
Two after losing their lives on New Year’s Eve;
Ricky gone
as a result of a drunk driver after sneaking out his bedroom window;
My Grampa
Gone the year I turned 30
after telling me since he could no longer do the things he loved
He was tired of living
Marriages — one common-law the others were legally binding
times I couldn’t hear my Mom’s voice at midnight
1 –
more chance to make this Year the best one ever!
0 –
HAPPY New Year!


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