Patience| A Modern Day Love Poem|

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by Cindi Silva on Friday, December 30, 2011 at 1:38pm

I often think of you

So many miles away

There is so much distance between us

Yet I feel closer than I thought

I would ever let myself get again

Trust is a noble thing

Patience even nobler still

I ask myself how can I feel so close

When you are always so far away

What makes you think this

Might work out?

I ask myself when I’m alone at night

I wonder what it would be like

To fall asleep by your side

To see you every day

Is something unimaginable

I wonder what it was like in yesteryears

In 1870 when they used the word

To only be able to correspond with

Someone so far away

What were the letters between

Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning

Really like

What did they write

I ask myself?

How did they become so close

That they knew enough

To want to take it there?

How did they know?

Sometimes when I hear your voice

I reveal so much more than

I probably ever would

If the distance was removed

Once the words are spoken

I can’t believe

I told him that!

I laugh it off

I move along

To something new

Not wanting to get my heart broken

Taking it slowly and cautiously

Not something I was ever good at before

I want to try

By the sound of this

I wonder if I’ve improved at all

If distance didn’t separate us . . .

At times I am relieved

There is no choice

To be made

When you’re so many miles away

Quickly shifting perspective

I tell myself Maybe in a way it makes it

So much more special

Having so much


Left up to our imaginations

At night before I fall asleep

I think of you in so many different ways

Sometimes I imagine touching your hair

Looking into your eyes

Getting lost there for awhile

And seeing you smile back at me

Sometimes we are holding hands

The way lovers do

As they walk down the street

In my hometown

Talking and laughing

Sometimes we are walking side by side

In your hometown

Where I can see the places

You’ve written about

Or told me about

When we speak via the phone

The set and setting is never the same

We travel here

We travel there

It’s really just to see if I can

Imagine this possibly going somewhere

or to hear you call my name

or to feel you by my side

One thing for sure in every scenario

We are always smiling and happy

The way I feel when I think of you

Feeling you kiss me



As I drift off to sleep

Leaving up to the imagination

What comes next

You must know

Of course you do

Patience is not only noble

They say it’s a virtue

Taking it slowly and really getting to know someone

Now taken quite literally

Is a test to pass or fail

Only time will tell

I know it will

Haven’t I been fooled before

When someone was right

Before my very eyes everyday

I tell myself

As I remind myself

Don’t fall in love

Protect your heart

It may not work

How do you know

With so many miles between us

I fell like I’m Robert Frost

Stopping by your hometown

On a snowy evening

With my little horse

I find it queer

I’m giving this a try

With so many miles

Separating us

Until I hear your voice

Or take you deep

Into my imagination

And think about you

as I fall asleep

And think about you

as i I fall asleep

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One Response to Patience| A Modern Day Love Poem|

  1. debbiebrooks37 says:

    Cindi, I love this.. this is absolutely beautiful… HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU.

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