Happy Christmas to Each and Every One of Us!

A Happy Happy Christmas to Each and Every One of Us!

by Cindi Silva on Saturday, December 24, 2011 at 8:42am

I think Christmas and religion are the yin/yang of the winter solstice celebrations of long ago.  I think the winter solstice reminds us of the interconnectedness of all.  If only we could scoot around through time, like they did in the classic Christmas special A Christmas Carole (which I am getting ready to see with my family later today!)  I bet we would realize no matter what religion we put our faith into in some way we are still celebrating both!

I have visited many different churches over the years, some with friends others on my own.  I have noted at Christmas time there are very distinct rules imposed by some of them.  Yet if you visited the homes of the same parishoners of even the most conservative religions during the holidays you would probably see Christmas trees, strings of lights, mistletoe and other traditional Christmas decorations.  I know I have.  I’m not sure what any of those Christmas decorations have to do with baby Jesus being born.

Over the years some of my friends and family have told me.  They don’t like Christmas.  It’s too commercialized.  It’s too busy.  It’s all about the gifts and crowded malls!  Spending money you don’t have.  To them I say, only if you want to.

To them I ask, what was your Christmas like when you were a kid.  Often I hear stories of bitter disappointment, resentment including feelings of being unloved and all alone.   No wonder they don’t like Christmas.  Christmas reignites those memories for them!

I’ve been working on a large and taxing project and while doing so I have been listening to Christmas caroles in the background to help keep me in the Christmas spirit.  There are certain songs I really love. Each song holds a memory to me.  O Holy Night and Silent Night, my Mom singing quietly along with our whole church on Christmas Eve mass  (no choir we were Catholic.)  I loved my Mom to pieces.  I would lean in so I could hear her.  I thought her voice was beautiful, apparently she didn’t.  And my Mom would always laugh as I leaned in closer to listen.

I remember when I was in elementary school each year standing on the stage and singing Christmas caroles.  Although shy, I always wanted to be part of this holiday performance.  I knew my parents really liked it!  One year a girl a little taller than me and a lot heavier than me collapsed on the stage in front of me.  I intuitively caught her in my arms.  Later her Mom came over to me and thanked me for not letting her daughter fall.  I didn’t know why she was thanking me.  I thought it was what anybody would have done under the circumstances.

I remember taking a dance class when I was really young at Maggie’s Dance Studio and learning a jazz routine to Jingle Bell Rock.  I remember performing it as I was learning it for my Gramps.  I still remember dancing on his rug.  Looking at him, his sparkling bllue eyes, showing me his delight and approval.

I remember my brother singing Oh Christmas Tree when we were little and he told me how much he loved that song through his enthusiasm and huge smile.

Yesterday while driving to Palo Alto I had a long drive in the car and took advantage to listening to Christmas caroles.  At times I was happily singing other times just listening.  I didn’t hear any messages of run to a crowded mall, fight for parking spots, swear, honk, and vent your rage until you get one.  Spend too much money on frivolous presents because you have to.  Treat everyone you see with impatience.  Your religion is better than mine let’s have wars.  Santa Claus was invited by a big corporation.

Instead I heard songs of hope, faith, love, giving, sharing, celebrating, fun, joy and peace!  No wonder I love Christmas!

That’s why I’m beginning to like the winter solstice more and more each year.  When I was a child it may have been for some different reasons that it is now.  But I do believe the energy in the air is the celestial magic that we feel as planetary changes are being made we can’t see but to me it is obvious we can feel.  Everyone does feel it in their own way combined with their previous experiences and maybe the winter solstice is also some kind of a mood barometer for them and that’s why they really don’t like the season.  I don’t really know what’s going on, I intuitively and physically just know that it is!  It’s over my head! 😉

Yes, I am saying I think a big part of your own feelings of Christmas the magic, spirit, feeling, or lack of it is real!  Because it is part of the winter solstice combined with your own past and present Christmases.  Probably why I like the classic A Christmas Carole so much.

Christmas spirit shouldn’t be magical, seasonal, celebrated for just two days and then boxed up and kept in our attic, basement or closets for the rest of the year.   We should realize our interconnectedness, take care of each other and SHOW each other just how much we love each other every day!

I wish you all  a very Happy Christmas.



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  1. debbiebrooks37 says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours…

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