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When Dealing with Unfairness and Injustice We Must Use Our Emotional Intelligence and Find Common Ground

by Cindi Silva on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 7:07am

With so much suffering all around us sometimes we overlook love and the beauty that surrounds us. When dealing with unfairness and injustice, it is hard to out guess, out think, and otherwise out maneuver our opponents. We can never really get in the head of someone else and know what they are really thinking or what they are going to do next. We only think we can. Our work is to serve each other. By serving you, I serve myself and you serve me. The opposite is also true. By destroying you, I destroy myself and you destroy me. That is why we should always try to minimize the damage to ourselves and our opponents. That’s why from my perspective when dealing with unfairness and injustice it is better to keep your focus on you, what you aim to accomplish, your goals, your priorities instead of making the other view your enemies’ view and your work taking down your opponent. When trying to destroy an enemy we take our self down along with our enemy. That’s why I think it is best to use our emotional intelligence to address whatever road blocks come our way when we are fighting unfairness and injustice. Our enemies in their haste will make mistakes and give us opportunities. Even then we should use our emotional intelligence and always try to find common ground and work towards peace. This is one world and although we may disagree with each other we are still all interconnected as one. The world is always filled with beauty and love although sometimes we may be too busy to see it. Our main goal should always be finding common ground, interconnectedness. Peace ♥ Peace ♥ Peace ♥ Peace ♥ Peace ♥



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