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To Whom It May Concern:

Protesters should keep Protesting here’s why!

I saw on my newsfeed this morning a group of frustrated fb friends and relatives . . .

Because of the nature of the posts I couldn’t tell if the group was frustrated at the protesters for being in the way, slowing down traffic, or frustrated for the reasons they were protesting. It seemed that there was a mixed bag based on the comments. . .

No doubt in my mind, Protesters are doing what Protesters do! Raising Awareness. Awareness doesn’t mean you have to agree with it. It just means you are aware of it. Seems like they are doing a great job raising awareness based on what I’ve seen! Even the mainstream media reluctant to give the protesters any credibility is now eagerly covering the protests. Power to the people!

The postings started:

“These protests need to stop they aren’t helping anyone, those truck drivers aren’t getting any benefit from it. We have people who have no food, no roof, no job, no medical benifits, are they being helped……..people be shot for no reason…. Something needs to change….”” —

I have some suggestions:

1. Stop Playing Games. It’s a game ONLY for y’all not us. By Y’all I mean Congress, Wall Street, Money-Grabbing-Power-Hungry Soulless Few that are making things bad for the rest of us. Keep an eye open cuz like it or not, the times they are a changin’ — seems like we’ve heard that somewhere before.

I wasn’t here during the Great Depression| but I have a feeling that the times we are experiencing right now will be likened to it. Yep, we’re getting our 15 minutes of fame, and our place in history. These are some very interesting times we’re experiencing!

Now we need a hero/shero to step up and clean up the mess. My grandfather, an Azorean immigrant, always talked about FDR. He loved him!!! My Grampa said FDR pulled the country together and brought us back. Please, one thing, could we do it without any more wars. Make that two, I like the idea of opening not closing parks and building not burning any bridges!

Here are a few more suggestions based on the posting I found and shared:

2. Put the over 15 million able bodied Americans back to work.

3. Make sure everyone has a roof over their head|. That means Everyone. We all deserve a home|.

4. Same goes for food|. Make sure everyone has a table with food| on it. Mothers should never have to choose who should eat.

5. Don’t forget healthcare!!!! I’m a cancer survivor| because of screening|, early detection| and early diagnosis|. Everyone deserves a fighting chance!!  Awareness.

Yes, these are my top five Christmas wishes. I would love to see these filled but not just in America globally where my brothers and sisters around the globe are struggling with similar socio-economic disparity and similar issues.

Peace ♥ Love ♥ Joy ♥

Here’s a poem I wrote July 31, 2011 before the Occupy Protests started.  it could be renamed: I am the Grandchild of the Great Depression. You are living in an interesting time!


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