newt gingrich endorsed by new hampshire|

I just heard the news|

This Thanksgiving Weekend|

I couldn’t believe it at first|

I’m still not sure that I do|

Newt Gingrich endorsed by New Hampshire|

Union leader newspaper|

Newt Gingrich| Why was he endorsed|

At first I wanted to laugh|

A little laugh started to escape my mouth|

Before it was released|

Something inside of me|

Grabbed ahold of it|

I felt it!  I did!

It twisted and turned|

Contorted into a scream|

If only in my imagination|

As I read on|

“The largest most influential political savvy paper”|

Union Leader|

Newt Gingrich|

Endorsed by New Hampshire| paper|

To be the Republican’s candidate

For the highest ranking office

In the United States government

The President of the United States

It must have forgot that even John McCain|

Had to distance himself|

From Newt Gingrich|

When he ran his campaign|

I wanted to laugh|

But my memory wouldn’t let me

I remember Newt Gingrich|

Speaker of the House|

What it was really like

How conservatism

Christian right ideas

Alienate our freedom

Strip away our rights

One at a time

Further divide our Nation

Create more of a Civil War|

Everyone except for the 1% is affected|

Taking away from women

What our grandmothers and their mothers before them

Worked so hard to gain for us

I remember how conservatism

Doesn’t care about educating our children

It’s easier to manipulate puppets

Who are incapable of thinking

I remember family values|

Under Newt Gingrich’s rules|

Really meant your family

Must mirror mine|

I remember under Newt Gingrich|

If English wasn’t your first language|

Newt Gingrich doesn’t hear your voice|

I remember if your religious beliefs weren’t the same

A vote for Gingrich

Is a vote against affordable heathcare

As Gingrich your voice doesn’t count|

What does this really tell us

About a nation already divided

Suffering the worst depression

Since the Great Depression

Over 15 Million able bodied Americans are out of work

Americans must get out to the polls|
Our voices must be heard

Americans must take it to the streets|

Show up at 99% Occupy Protests

In Your City

We must make our voices heard!


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