Passion is stirring|

Passion is Stirring|

Here’s a  poem I wrote about the 99%| really about the recent violence staged against the 99%| These are such interesting times we are living in.  I hope you like my poem:


Starts by passion

The birds

The bees

You and me

Are here because of


Passion is everywhere

In everything we see

We do

Or touch


Don’t squelch passion

It will only create more

Passion can be an illusion

On the big screen

In a whisper

Or a kiss

Two eyes lock

Hold each other’s stare a little too long

It stirs us

And reminds us of our own


The camera can easily fool us

We long for

The perfect passion

Passion is found

When a writer takes a pen

To paper and writes


Creating illusions

Maybe delusions

Haunting and beautiful

To ignite your Passion

More illusions or possibly

Based on the writer’s experience

Still — words ignite Passion


On canvas

Blending colors






Dissonant colors

Splashed on canvas by brush

Striking oils, acrylics or water colors on canvas

Melding colors; or

Brutally carved by palette knife

Or gently outlining a form

Like a whisper on your skin

The artist takes a fine outlining brush

And shows you

Everything is possible

Pictures start as thoughts

Built together through

Patience and Passion

Sometimes illusions

What the artist wants you to see

And Feel

The artist ignites your Passion

Then cleans her brushes at the end of the day

Change happens by Passion

A group of people tired of the same-o, same-o

Gather together and peacefully protest

Brought together by Passion

The oppression they are trying to change

Show their fear of change and

Brutally stage their own media freak show

By using violence, pepper spray

Brutality, force, for the media to capture

How many lives will be lost

Before real change will come

Just like they handle any other war

Controlled media hype

Without telling the protestors

It’s just a game to them

Another political football game

Like the Hollywood production

Stakes ride high

Fear rides out into the communities — loss of life is serious


The 99% peaceful protests are being heard

You can’t squelch passion

It will only create more!


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