a haunting|

a haunting| — a Poem I wrote for a friend’s call-in poetry radio show, but missed the deadline.    Hope you enjoy it.


a haunting|


Every night is

All Hallow’s Eve|

When I’m all alone

I open up my front door

Take a step on the lanai

Or stay inside and draw open my blinds

I gaze at the fog covered sky

And pretend to follow the moon|

The city street is quiet now

The night is mine

I look across the street

A light goes on

My neighbor in the house with the fence so low

Cannot sleep again tonight

Does she think about

What goes on in the house next door to her

The lonely man

No one ever goes in or out

He rides to work on a scooter with his scowl

How did he become this way

Is it easier for him?

A light goes on . . .

Another light goes on . . .

When I was a child

I used to think

Night was the time

when the monsters came out







Now I know the monsters| exist

In our own minds

Our fears|


and insecurities|

Troubling| us

keeping us awake|


we create|

We mask them








Regrets and paybacks starting

From early childhood

When we chose the masks

That we hide behind

One for day – pleasant and fake

Our smiles plastered stiff and botoxed

Eyes revealing what we’re really thinking

Does anyone really notice what’s behind the mask

Or are they only screaming behind their mask

Let me out do you not see?

One for night –  frightening and haunting

Face contorted|


eyes blazing|; or

Pins stuck| in our bleeding eyes|

Daggers stuck in our hearts


broken bones|

and promises|

Prisoners of unrequited love;


Stuck in the dungeons of our minds

Another light goes on across the street

Nightmarish thoughts created  by our night time minds

Before long the neighborhood will be awake

A haunting we will go



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