what is alexa rank|

what is alexa rank|

I just did a search for| what is alexa rank| 95,900,000 results came up| what is alexa traffic rank| 42,000,000 results came up for that| what is alexa| 115,000,000 came up for that.

I don’t think a lot of people know about Alexa. Alexa ranks a website or blog and also gives a lot of useful stats about keywords used and traffic to that blog. In real estate is location, location, location. On the internet it’s ranking, ranking, ranking and key words and tags. I found out about it because I’m very interested in figuring out how the internet works and being found in searches.

I suggest you download the free toolbar on your computer and check the Alexa| rank| of the websites| and blogs| you visit.  See how much traffic they get.


Have Alexa start crawling your website or blog.  You don’t need to register with Alexa for Alexa to rank you.  I would advise not to register with Alexa just have it crawl you.

First check to see if you are being crawled.  You may already be crawled.

You aren’t on the Alexa radar if you show as “no rank|”

of you show as 26,000,000 or less you are already being crawled|

Alexa ranks somewhere between| 1-26 million|

#1 being high

google #1

facebook #2

worst site #26,000,000

worse than 26 million no rank

The lower you are, the better or higher your| Alexa rank|

Here’s another free tool bar:

“Google Page Rank Tool Bar”

google ranks| 0-10 with 10 being high don’t use anything n/1 or 0-2
3-10 free okay
facebook 10
yahoo 8
ebay 8

. . . to learn more about| how to get found online|:


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here’s another article I wrote



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